Our Story

Abel & The Prophets started back in the mid sixties and became the house band for many of San Francisco's hottest night spots and surrounding Bay Area night clubs that rocked the bay from the late 60s through the 70s. 

The Rock Garden, The New Yorker, The Streets of San Francisco, The Ghetto, The Night Life, The Orphanage, Yellow Brick Road, Keystone Korner, Frenchy's in Hayward, Orphan Annies, Zacks in Sausalito, North Beach Revival, Woodstock, and the list goes on & on.

Abel Sanchez leader of the band, still continues to lead the band playing his blend of what they define as "Soul" music from the San Francisco Bay. While their influences over the years have been many, they still maintain their roots and original "FRISCO DNA". The evolution over time has projected Abel into various projects like the Voices of Latin Rock, The Si Se Puede All Star Revue. and currently producing a documentary on the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez and the farm worker movement aka La Causa. It's entitled "SONG FOR CESAR  the Music & the Movement"

Native sons & daughters born and raised in the SF Bay Area know and relate to this sound played by Abel & The Prophets. It was the sound track of a special generation.
The many influences over the years only add to the diversity of the songs and styles that Abel and the Prophets bring to their performances today.

Abel Sanchez and his Band of Legendary Musicians include; Jorge Santana, Aki Starr, Gabriel Manzo, David George, Mic Gillette, Herman Eberitzsch, Victor Bejarano, Leo Rosales, Marcos Lopez, Marcos Reyes and many many special guests stars that'll be bringing it on once again! 

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